May-Jul 2021 “Hong Kong Industrialist”

Technology: LOCAL DISCOVERY | 本地科研 Smart Lifter 智能起重機 S ince 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic and the measures implemented by the governments of different countries to contain it have seriously disrupted the economic activities and supply chains worldwide. With the subdued business sentiment, businesses are struggling to survive. In order to remain agile and resilient, it is important for enterprises to speed up their digital transformation and make use of novel technologies to cut down the operating costs whilst enhancing efficiency. For the enterprises with warehouses, applying robotics technology to automate their daily operation and production procedures is the key to success in the post-pandemic “New Normal”. 由 2020年起,新冠肺炎疫情及各國政府推行的防疫措施令全球的經濟活動及供應 鏈帶來嚴重的影響。在營商氣氛及消費情緒欠佳的情況下,不少企業在經營上 都面對相當大的困難。企業需要靈活求變,加速數碼轉型,並利用創新科技以減省 營運開支及提升效 率 。在疫情後的新常態下,企業可善用機械人技術,將日常營 運及工序自動化,開拓更多商機。 38 | 5-7/2021